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Mission Statement- Our mission is to work toward helping eliminate plastic waste in the world by using recycled plastics to make 3D-printed reusable water bottles.


About the Business- R3Fill is a small business dedicated to reducing plastic in the environment. We accomplish this by taking in recycled plastic bottles through drives and donations. Then from these plastics, we make 3D printing filament to make our bottles. Our company can effectively put the three Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) into full effect through our "R3Turn" service. We expect our customers to return our bottles to us after they have consumed the product so we are not contributing to the issue we are working to eliminate.

Business Rationale- R3Fill encourages consumers to recycle through its free return policy. Recycling in today’s time and age is heavily encouraged by society but it is not very easy or accessible. R3Fill gives its consumers the opportunity to recycle and contribute to lessening the world’s plastic, by making it simple and affordable.


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